State Legislation

OSA Legislative & Policy Priorities

Water Quality/Nutrient Management

  • The Ohio Soybean Association (OSA) strongly supports implementation of the 4R concept of nutrient management. Properly managed fertilizers supporting cropping systems that provide economic, social, and environmental benefits
  • OSA believes if a state fertilizer use certification program is developed, the program must utilize farmer education tools to provide training resources to farmers.

State Budget

  • Ohio Department of Agriculture: The Division of Animal Health has seen the addition of new programs; additional funds are needed to ensure adequate funding for veterinarians and inspectors to minimize the risk of potential disease line the livestock herds.
  • Ohio Department of Natural Resources: Funding for the Clean Lake Erie Fund was brought forth in FY2013. OSA supports continued funding for the fund to be utilized to come up with feasible practices to reduce phosphorus in Lake Erie.
  • Board of Regents: OSA supports full funding of Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory at Lake Erie, The Ohio State University Extension and The Ohio State University Agricultural Research and Development Center.

Commodity Handlers Fund

  • OSA supports maintaining a farmer funded program that “insures” the investment of agricultural products stored at a commercial licensed grain handling facility.

Biobased Product Procurement

  • OSA supports the implementation of Senate Bill 131 (128th General Assembly).
  • OSA believes the reporting requirements for the respective agencies of state government should be streamlined to minimize the “red-tape” necessary for state agencies to comply with the reporting requirements.

Biodiesel Use

  • OSA supports the usage of biodiesel by state vehicles and heavy equipment to aid in the mitigation of federal non-attainment zone requirements.
  • OSA encourages the Ohio Legislature to explore the impact of a biodiesel requirement or incentives on all fuel sold in Ohio.


  • OSA believes higher weight limits should be implemented when technology shows the increased limits are appropriate due to modern equipment
  • OSA supports timely and consistent inspections of bridges in rural areas, and adequate funding for bridge maintenance.

Jobs and Economic Development

  • OSA encourages JobsOhio to retain a senior level official with experience in agribusiness, rural development, or food/meat processing industries.
  • OSA encourages JobsOhio to develop funding specifically for attracting food and agricultural companies to Ohio.