Strategic Plan

Each year, the Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) farmer leaders review and, as necessary, revise the organizational strategic plan. This process helps OSC stay ahead of market trends in order to make the best short and long-term investment decisions on behalf of Ohio soybean farmers.

VISION: Assure the long-term viability of Ohio soybean farmers

MISSION:  Invest soybean checkoff funds to maximize the profit opportunities for Ohio soybean farmers

CORE VALUE:  We will intentionally collaborate with all stakeholders to advance the profitability of Ohio soybean farmers and ensure the highest value to our customers.


SOYBEAN RESEARCH: Invest in research that increases profitability, identifies best management practices, and develops specific characteristics that meet customers’ and farmers’ needs
SOY-BASED PRODUCTS/TECHNOLOGIES: Build commercial and industrial uses of soybeans through public and private collaboration that encourages rapid commercialization of new technologies
ANIMAL AGRICULTURE: Support and promote the growth and long-term viability of Ohio’s animal agriculture industry
GLOBAL UTILIZATION: Develop and market Ohio soybeans and soy-based products to the global marketplace
CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE: Support the improvement of existing infrastructure and identify emerging opportunities
SUSTAINABILITY: Proactively build awareness with farmers, consumers and influencers of the critical role Ohio soybean farmers play in providing a safe and healthy food supply