Premium Opportunities


Soybean Premium Programs

There are multiple premium programs currently being offered state-wide. These range from elevators offering non-GMO programs to high-oleic programs such as Monsanto’s Vistive Gold® and Pioneer’s Plenish®.


Below is a list of elevators and cooperatives currently offering premium programs:

The Andersons: Non-GMO Soybeans (Maumee)

Archbold Elevator: Plenish® Soybeans

Bunge: Plenish® Soybeans (Delphos)

Heritage: Vistive Gold® Soybeans (Upper Sandusky; Arlington)

Edon Farmers Cooperative: Plenish® Soybeans (Montpelier)

The Farmers Elevator: Non-GMO; Plenish® Soybeans (New Bavaria)

Gerald Grain: Plenish® Soybeans

Jewell Grain: Non-GMO; Plenish® Soybeans

Trupointe: Vistive® Soybeans



Please contact your local elevator or cooperative to learn more about premium programs for soybeans.



Please note: Some elevators offer premium programs that are not listed above.