Soy Biobased Products & Technology

Promoting Soy Biobased Products

Recent polling shows that 71% of Americans would prefer to purchase a bioproduct rather than a petroleum or chemical based product if the cost is equivalent. Nearly 60% would purchase bioproducts over petroleum-based products if they knew  it was made with natural plant or forest materials.

Green products are all the rage today. However, very few bioproducts available for retail sale are well-known to Americans. One of the goals of the Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) and soybean checkoff is to make known the expanding universe of soy biobased products to consumers.

OSC has recently launched an initiative to promote the use of soy biobased products already available in the marketplace for use by the consumer. Please visit for an online resource guide of current consumer soy biobased products and where to buy them.

Investing in Technology Development & Commercialization

The research and development of new products and materials made from soybeans continues to be a priority for the Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) and the soybean checkoff. These efforts are made evident through the relationship OSC has developed with Battelle, a world renowned R&D organization located in Columbus, Ohio. Several technologies have been commercialized and are listed below.

Soy biobased Powder Coatings
Powder coatings are used in a wide variety of commercial applications from appliances to farm equipment. The use of soy-based resins for powder coatings results in production at lower temperatures and superior coating capabilities.

Polyols from Soybean Oil
Polyols are used in the production of polyurethane products such as foams and resins. Due to ever increasing petroleum costs, alternative chemical feed stocks such as soybean oil may be a cost effective replacement.

Renewable Plasticizers

This product provides a cost-effective soybean oil-derived plasticizer for use in the processing of PVC resins for the production of vinyl siding. The goal is to meet the need for a cost-effective, non-toxic, environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-derived plasticizers.

Soy biobased Toner
A soy-based toner was developed for use in printers, copiers and fax machines. The petroleum-based toners presently used are difficult to remove from paper when it is recycled. Soy-based toner is easier and costs less to remove.

Soy biobased Polymers
Biobased polymers reduces the use of petroleum polymers and can be used for applications such as toys, food packing and lawn furniture.

OSC also continues to invest in developing new technologies utilizing soybeans. OSC is seeking commercial collaboration to further develop and commercialize the following technologies:

Soy-based BPA free coating
Soy-based coupling agents
Soy-based thermoset resin
Soy Hull-based Phosphorous Absorbent
High Oleic Soybean Oil Shortening
Improved Soybean Meal for the Aquaculture Industry

In summary, through ongoing efforts to reduce our reliance on petroleum, the world is seeking out environmentally friendly, renewable resources – and soybeans are a viable solution. New products made from soybeans have the potential to use millions of bushels of soybeans each year.