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The Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) is pursuing new opportunities for moving soybeans more efficiently and cost-effectively to domestic and international destinations.  With a unique combination of high-quality soybeans and world-class logistics infrastructure, Ohio is positioned to capitalize on these opportunities.

To accomplish this goal, OSC is focused on involving the entire Ohio soybean industry, building new partnerships and providing timely and relevant information regarding transportation opportunities to Ohio’s soybean farmers and other stakeholders.

The popularity of shipping U.S. exports of soybeans in shipping containers has grown in recent years, offering a big opportunity for Ohio soybean producers.

Most industry experts believe that the volume of soybeans shipped using this method will only continue to increase.

And while many container shipments are identity preserved varieties, commodity soybeans are sometimes exported in containers as well.

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Learn About The Movement of U.S. Soybeans

Ohio is in a strong position to capitalize on the container shipping trend because:

  • Ohio soybean farmers consistently produce high-quality soybeans.
  • Ohio is especially well-positioned for shipping to the East Coast.
  • Logistics infrastructure in Ohio is already well-established and benefiting from new private and public investment.
  • Ohio and the entire U.S. are experiencing high export demand for soybeans.

Containerized Shipping Offers Benefits to Customers

  • When soybeans are loaded into the container, the container is sealed and not opened until it reaches the customer.
  • This conserves the integrity of the contents, and is just one benefit this shipping method offers end users.

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