Farmers Helping Farmers Goal of Precision Ag Review Website

Farming in the digital age means farmers must make decisions beyond which seed variety to plant or what row spacing is the best and are more frequently looking at topics like what autosteer system is most accurate or at what point variable rate spray application will pay off for their operation. While farmers can research

When is Natural Gas a Viable Option for Ohio Farmers?

Farmers are natural innovators, always seeking a better or more efficient way to manage their farms. Work on the farm never seems to have a stopping point; tasks simply change with the seasons. With more farmers investing in on-farm grain storage in recent years, this fall season finds many farmers analyzing energy costs and the

Panama Canal Expansion Opening this Summer

Ohio soybean exports have topped more than 2 billion bushels in recent years – equal to half of the state’s production – making logistics and infrastructure a critical part of the industry. While infrastructure in Ohio itself is important, more than 600 million bushels that leave the state also pass through the Panama Canal, which

STC Study Examines Impact of Heavier Semis

The Soy Transportation Coalition (STC) is disseminating the results of a research project, “Heavier Semis: A Good Idea?” – a study analyzing the likely results of expanding semi weight limits over the federal highway system. The study is an update of an earlier 2009 report that analyzes the impact of increasing semi weight limits on

See For Yourself – To Soybeans and Beyond

Checkoff offers U.S. farmers opportunity to learn where soybeans go beyond the elevator Many soybeans have been delivered to the elevator, but where will they go next? The soy checkoff invites farmers to find the answer to this question and learn about the impact that U.S. soy’s biggest customers make on farmers’ bottom lines during

An Update on the Health of the Soy Transportation Supply Chain

By Tom Hance Soybeans from farms in Ohio and across soybean country are transported to end customers through an extensive network of trucks, trains, barges, and ships. While the U.S. has not made substantial investments in much of our transportation infrastructure for decades, overall it is still the most efficient in the world and provides

Soybean Farmer Study Highlights Competitive Advantage and Potential Challenges in U.S. vs. South American Transportation Systems

The viability of the U.S. soybean industry, and the profitability of the American soybean farmer, is not only a function of abundant supply and increasing demand, it also is dependent upon having connectivity between supply and demand. America’s system of roads, bridges, highways, railroads, navigable waterways, and ports allows the production of soybean farmers to

Ohio River Tour Offers Glimpse into Waterways and Infrastructure System

The Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) and soybean checkoff recently hosted the 6th annual Ohio River Tour where 300 farmers, transportation experts, media representatives and industry representatives got to experience first-hand how grain from Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky makes its way down the Ohio River to customers all around the world.  Highlighting challenges and opportunities our