New Social Media Project Encourages Farmers to Share How They Are #ProtectingWater

In an effort to promote the work that Ohio farmers are doing to protect water quality, Ohio Corn & Wheat and the Ohio Soybean Council are inviting all farmers to participate in a #ProtectingWater social media project. “It’s time to change the conversation about water in Ohio and really show what farmers are doing on

Verhoff Earns USB Fellowship Award

While The Ohio State University is most often noted for its football team, the United Soybean Board (USB) is much more interested in the team of researchers working in the lab to find solutions for Ohio farmers.   Stephanie Verhoff, a graduate student in the translational plant sciences PhD program at Ohio State, was recently

Have You Read The Most Recent Issue of Ohio Soybean News?

Dr. Andy Michel offered some great tips for managing pests in 2015: 1.  COLD WEATHER: The cold weather last winter did not necessarily knock out all soybean insects. Some, like soybean aphids, are quite capable of surviving outdoors as eggs or even indoors, like the brown marmorated stink bug. 2.  SLUGS: Not technically insects, they

Late Summer is Time to Watch Insect Pressure

Cultivating a successful crop while relying so heavily on the whims of the weather is an amazing feat in itself. Unfortunately weather is only one of the variables faced by soybean farmers who plant millions of seeds in the ground each spring in hopes there will be no interference in the growing season. In the

Redefining Ideal Soil Fertility

In 1995 The Ohio State University, in collaboration with Michigan State University and Purdue University, published fertility recommendations for field crops in the tristate area. Over the last 20 years, a lot of things have changed; the fertility recommendations have not. The issue at hand is that farmers are working off of standards that were