Invite Toledo's Mayor to Visit Your Farm

The Mayor of Toledo has been in the media recently making comments on Ohio farmers’ response to phosphorus runoff in the Western Lake Erie Basin. Many of his statements have raised eyebrows in the farm community and bring into question how much he knows about the work Ohio agriculture has been doing for over a decade to tackle this challenge.

In one article, Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz was quoted, “I am not anti-farmer. I am anti-pollution and there’s a difference. At some point, facts and research have to matter.”

We agree. Which is why we’re asking our members to call, tweet, and email the mayor to invite him to their farms and see exactly how much investment and work have been done to find and implement science-based, long term solutions.

Let’s show him the fields where our research partners are collecting data. Let’s show him how we’re taking the latest field-by-field recommendations and applying best management practices to our farms. Let’s show him how farmers are working closely with universities, government agencies, and environmental groups.

Call the Toledo Mayor’s office at 419-245-1001 and/or send an email to Feel free to use the email template to the right.

Talking Points:

  • Farmers are not working alone. We have been working for many years with researchers, government agencies and environmental groups to make changes to protect the water.
  • Practices like cover crops, nutrient management plans, soil sampling and more are increasing every year; and we’re applying less fertilizer than ever before.
  • We would like to invite Mayor Wade to contact the Ohio Soybean Association or Ohio Corn & Wheat to schedule a farm tour in the Western Lake Erie Basin, and come see for himself what farmers are really doing to address water quality.

Additionally, use #WadeisWelcome and tag Mayor Kapszukiewicz on Twitter @wadekaps or on Facebook @electwade to extend the invitation for a farm tour and talk about the conservation practices on your farm.

Farmers have nothing to hide and are proud of what they do to protect the soil and water. The Ohio Soybean Association and Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers call on Mayor Kapszukiewicz to come and see that for himself.

Email Template

Mayor Kapszukiewicz,

My name is [insert your name] and I farm in [insert your farm location or watershed name]. I would like to encourage you to contact the Ohio Soybean Association (614-476-3100) and/or the Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association (740-201-8088) to set up a farm tour in the Western Lake Erie Basin watershed.

You’ve been very outspoken in your passion for reducing algae blooms in Lake Erie, which is something farmers care very deeply about as well. However, you’ve also made comments about the lack of action by the agricultural community and farmers, and I want to invite you to see for yourself what we’ve been doing.

Since before the Toledo Water Crisis in 2014, farmers have been investing their own money in research and education programs to reduce phosphorus runoff and increase conservation practices. We’re not alone. Agriculture has partnered with researchers, universities, government agencies, and environmental groups to help us achieve science-based, long term solutions.

We’re seeing results. Thousands of farmers have been certified to apply fertilizer and research has shown that phosphorus levels are trending down in Ohio. Every year researchers learn more about how to keep nutrients on the fields where they belong, and farmers are putting those recommendations into action.

We do not have to trade food production and farm profitability for environmental quality. We will achieve all these things IF we work together.


[Insert your name]