Ohio Soybean Council Receives 2016 Friends of the Ohio Pork Industry Award

February 21, 2017 Ohio Soybean Council

The 2017 Ohio Professional Pork Producers Symposium was held on Feb. 15 at the Columbus Crowne Plaza North as a part of the 2017 Ohio Pork Congress where the Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) received the “2016 Friends of the Ohio Pork Industry award” from the Ohio Pork Council (OPC).

The award recognizes an individual, organization or company that has made a substantial impact on OPC in the given year. The work of OPC is made possible by the many generous supporters in the community. Without supporters and contributors, OPC would not have the ability to operate the way it does today. In an effort to recognize and thank supporters, OPC established the Friends of the Ohio Pork Industry award.

“We appreciate OSC’s partnership with us, as we work together to develop tools, and resources that help share the story of modern agriculture,” said Rich Deaton, president of OPC. “We are truly grateful, and are pleased to honor them by recognizing OSC as the 2017 Friends of Ohio Pork Industry recipient.”

In addition to creating new tools and resources to better promote pork products and educate the public about the pork industry, OPC has been able to participate in more outreach programs, including food festivals and advertisements because of OSC’s support.

“We are honored to receive this recognition from our friends at OPC,” said Steve Reinhard, OSC board member and Crawford County soybean farmer. “We are really proud to support OPC and their efforts. Pork is a top customer of soybeans and we hope to continue this relationship to expand the demand for soybeans and pork both here at home and internationally.”