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Policy, agronomy, checkoff related issues and the latest artificial intelligence technology in action will all be a part of the Ohio Soybean Hometown Tour. On this Ohio Farm Bureau Podcast, we visit the first stop on the statewide tour and visit with a teacher using resources from the soybean checkoff-funded GrowNextGen program.

Soybeans account for almost 5 million acres of crop production in Ohio, making it the most planted crop in the state and the most lucrative from an economic standpoint by bringing in over $4 billion annually to Ohio’s bottom line. That makes research and development at the local level, supported by the @ohiosoybeancouncil9087, so important. On this Ohio Farm Bureau Podcast, hear from an @OSUCFAES researcher who is constantly working to make improvements to soybean production to benefit Ohio soybean farmers. Plus, learn about a free Farm Marketing Webinar from@StoneX_Official that will help farmers through a challenging marketing environment and get an update from Ohio Farm Bureau’s Young Ag Professionals.

Ohio soybeans have many uses. We often hear about industrial uses of soy, but many of the soybeans grown in the Buckeye State are of the non-GMO, food-grade variety. On this Ohio Farm Bureau Podcast, Ty visits with a farmer-leader with the @ohiosoybeancouncil9087 to talk about his experience planting food-grade soybeans and the opportunities that exist for other Ohio farmers to do that same.

When it comes to Research and Development, the @ohiosoybeancouncil9087 is taking matters into their own hands with a laboratory in Ohio created to specifically find new uses for soybeans and add value to the commodity for growers across the country. Learn more as Ty visits with OSC’s Jerry Bambauer and United Soybean Board Vice Chair Steve Rinehart. Listen to the Ohio Farm Bureau Podcast at