OSC and Battelle Work to Develop Soy-Based Carrier for Agrochemical Formulation

In the agricultural marketplace, farmers can find themselves in the position of being both a supplier and a consumer of their given commodity. Farmers encounter this situation a lot as soybeans are a versatile crop. The Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) and soybean checkoff has had great success in replacing petroleum-based… Read More

Ohio Grain Farmers Support Edge-of-Field Research to Update Ohio P Risk Index

The Ohio Phosphorus (P) Risk Index is used to calculate the risk of losing phosphorus from farm fields by looking at multiple variables such as soil type and water flow. Due to increased attention being paid to water quality in recent years, this index has also been getting a lot… Read More

$3.5 Million Invested by Ohio Grain Farmers in Water Quality Research and Education

Since 2011, Ohio’s leading corn, soybean and wheat checkoff organizations have invested nearly $3.5 million dollars in research and education to address the water quality challenges faced by farmers and all Ohioans. That investment continues as the Ohio Corn Marketing Program (OCMP), Ohio Small Grains Marketing Program (OSGMP) and Ohio… Read More

Soy-based Solution for BPA Free

“BPA Free.” Health conscious consumers considered it a victory when the simple phrase began popping up on packaging as they believed it was a change for the better. Recent studies show the effort behind the movement may have raised awareness, but the Bisphenol A (BPA) replacements may not be any… Read More

Soybean Research Maximizing Checkoff Doll

By Matt Reese, guest writer, Ohio’s Country Journal Though it may seem counterproductive for one researcher to breed soybeans and another researcher to kill them, it is exactly this unique synergy of efforts that is taking place to benefit the profitability of Ohio soybean growers. “I am a soybean breeder… Read More

Breeding Better Beans

To those who are unfamiliar, a soybean is simply a soybean. Although anyone involved in production or processing in the soybean industry knows there are numerous varieties with intricate differences. Unique qualities of each variety can often be attributed to researchers who do the tedious work of isolating the genes… Read More

See For Yourself – To Soybeans and Beyond

Checkoff offers U.S. farmers opportunity to learn where soybeans go beyond the elevator Many soybeans have been delivered to the elevator, but where will they go next? The soy checkoff invites farmers to find the answer to this question and learn about the impact that U.S. soy’s biggest customers make… Read More

Research Underway to Develop Improved Soybean Meal for Aquaculture

As the demand for sustainable fish feed rises, the Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) is funding research to develop technology that can remove anti-nutritional factors (ANFs) from soybean meal (SBM), making it more efficient as a fish meal replacement in aquaculture diets. OSC’s research partners include Battelle, The Ohio State University,… Read More

New Calculator Can Help Soybean Farmers with Seed Decisions

Facing lower soybean cash prices this year, farmers are looking for opportunities to add to their bottom lines. Growing identity-preserved (IP) soybeans is one option for additional profit opportunities, but the costs can seem overwhelming to farmers thinking about getting started. U.S.-soy-industry-led board QUALISOY developed a calculator that can help… Read More