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The Ohio Soybean Council was founded in 1991 to manage the Soybean Promotion and Research Program – more commonly known as the soybean checkoff.

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Two Ohio Soybean Council Funded Technologies Named 2016 R&D 100 Awards Finalists

Two technologies recently developed through Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) and soybean checkoff collaborations have achieved ‘finalist’ designations for the R&D 100 Awards, with winners to be announced in November. Both technologies, Soy-PK Resin and Bio-YIELD bioreactor, leverage the natural properties of soybeans to increase the sustainability and improve health in modern industries. Since the early

New Social Media Project Encourages Farmers to Share How They Are #ProtectingWater

In an effort to promote the work that Ohio farmers are doing to protect water quality, Ohio Corn & Wheat and the Ohio Soybean Council are inviting all farmers to participate in a #ProtectingWater social media project. “It’s time to change the conversation about water in Ohio and really show what farmers are doing on

Panama Canal Expansion Opening this Summer

Ohio soybean exports have topped more than 2 billion bushels in recent years – equal to half of the state’s production – making logistics and infrastructure a critical part of the industry. While infrastructure in Ohio itself is important, more than 600 million bushels that leave the state also pass through the Panama Canal, which

Ohio’s Changing Phosphorus Risk Index

Farmers are caretakers of the land. While growing crops from the soil, they monitor its health and add nutrients as needed. In turn, they have been held increasingly responsible for the water that passes over and through their fields and what that water carries with it as it goes. According to researchers at Ohio State’s