Putting Research Results to Work on the Farm

Ohio Grain Farmers Invest in Updated Nutrient Management Tool Information being gathered by research projects focused on water quality in the state is only helpful if farmers are able to implement the results on their farms. Thanks to support from the Ohio Corn Marketing Program, Ohio Small Grains Marketing Program and Ohio Soybean Council, one

$3.5 Million Invested by Ohio Grain Farmers in Water Quality Research and Education

Since 2011, Ohio’s leading corn, soybean and wheat checkoff organizations have invested nearly $3.5 million dollars in research and education to address the water quality challenges faced by farmers and all Ohioans. That investment continues as the Ohio Corn Marketing Program (OCMP), Ohio Small Grains Marketing Program (OSGMP) and Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) have recently

Ohio Soybean Farmer Recognized for Outstanding Water Stewardship

The sustainability of U.S. soy is an important factor for consumers both at home and abroad. In fact, conservation practices and sustainable measures are key to soy’s marketability and the livelihood of the farmers who grow it. In addition, protecting water is important, and a variety of farm-management techniques, including conservation tillage, nutrient management and

OSA Encourages Agricultural Fertilizer Applicator Certification

The Agricultural Fertilizer Applicator Certification Program administered by the Ohio Department of Agriculture came into law this past summer. As a result, the program requires training (or meeting equivalent requirement), application for the certificate and continuing education to maintain the certificate. Those required to obtain the certificate prior to September 30, 2017, are anyone applying

See For Yourself – To Soybeans and Beyond

Checkoff offers U.S. farmers opportunity to learn where soybeans go beyond the elevator Many soybeans have been delivered to the elevator, but where will they go next? The soy checkoff invites farmers to find the answer to this question and learn about the impact that U.S. soy’s biggest customers make on farmers’ bottom lines during