Your soybean checkoff contribution is an investment in your future.

Through your checkoff contribution, the Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) is working to maximize the value of your crop, increase farm profits and secure the future of the industry for generations to come.

See where your checkoff dollars made a difference in the 2023 Investor Report.


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Invested in Understanding

Beyond the back 40, there’s still a lot of work to be done to ensure the general public understands everything you’re doing to feed the world and care for the environment.

Your soybean checkoff contribution allows the Ohio Soybean Council to invest in your future by educating classrooms about modern agriculture, building understanding with industry stakeholders and consumers, and communicating the value soybeans and soybean farmers provide to our world.

You can see all the programs that are helping shape the future of the agriculture industry at GrowNextGen.

Invested in Forward-Thinking

The future of your farm doesn’t just depend on hard work. Success requires continuous improvement as you strive for more profitability.

At the Ohio Soybean Council, your checkoff contribution is at work to understand tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities so you can act on them today.

OSC is investing in multiple areas to ensure that demand for soybeans remains strong.

Invested in Innovation

Innovation is a critical component of success. That’s why your Ohio soybean checkoff supports the development of new products, traits and technologies that increase the value of the beans you grow.

Through your checkoff funds, Ohio Soybean Council also researches on-farm agronomic practices that increase production efficiency and demonstrate your commitment to conservation.

Visit the Airable Research Lab to see their most recent product development.