2022 Ohio Soybean Association Legislative Priorities

March 17, 2022 Ohio Soybean Association


  • The Ohio Soybean Association (OSA) strongly supports implementation of the 4R concept of nutrient management — Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place.
  • Supports policies backed by science and research-based discoveries that create practical regulations and avoid undue financial burdens.
  • Opposes any attempt by the state or legislature to regulate commercial fertilizer.
  • Supports H2Ohio program and voluntary best management practices.


  • Ohio Department of Agriculture: OSA supports the funding the Department needs to fulfill their required duties, including maintained or increased funding for H2Ohio.
  • Ohio Department of Natural Resources: Supports funding for the Clean Lake Erie Fund and continued funding to be utilized for feasible practices to reduce phosphorus in Lake Erie.
  • Ohio Department of Higher Education: Supports full funding for Land Grant Universities, including the Ohio State University Extension, the Ohio State University Agricultural Research and Development Center, and the Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory at Lake Erie.
  • Fuel Quality Standards Funding: Supports full funding for the development and implementation of a fuel quality standards program.
  • Ohio Department of Education: Supports agriculture education programs in and outside of the classroom.


  • Supports efforts to increase broadband access to rural Ohio in order to help improve quality of life and create strong and competitive farming operations.
  • Supports trade and vocational education that promotes agribusiness jobs.
  • Supports efforts to increase access for energy and infrastructure projects in rural Ohio.


  • Supports the usage of sustainable biodiesel by state vehicles and heavy equipment and encourages the Ohio Legislature to explore the impact of a biodiesel requirement or incentives on all fuel sold in Ohio.
  • Supports a minimum 10 percent biodiesel requirement in diesel fuel.
  • Supports and encourages the increased purchase and use of sustainable biobased products by state agencies.
  • Supports fuel quality standards to protect consumers from unknowingly purchasing substandard fuel to maintain the integrity of the fuel supply and protect the reputation of biodiesel as a high quality, high performing fuel.


  • Supports timely and consistent inspections of bridges in rural areas, and adequate funding for bridge maintenance.
  • Supports higher truck weight limit implementation when research shows that increased limits are appropriate due to modern equipment and technology.
  • Supports resources allocated toward the upgrade of inland water systems and harbor management.


  • Encourages the state of Ohio to develop funding specifically for attracting and promoting food and agricultural companies to Ohio.
  • Encourages funding for beginning farmers through young farmer incentives such as loans from banks, farm credit associations and other sources.
  • Encourages the State of Ohio to promote soybean markets, both domestically and abroad, through state officials and agency involvement.