Mechanical Crushing Offers New Market Opportunities for Soybean Farmers

November 8, 2021 Ohio Soybean Council

By Madison Layman

In 2019, Coshocton Grain Company opened a new extension to their elevator in Coshocton, Ohio, which offers new opportunities for local soybean farmers. How? With the chemical-free crush process they call Coshocton Soy Processing ExPress Meal and Oil. The soybean meal and oil produced from this mechanical process increases the profit for soybean farmers and benefits livestock farmers as well.

ExPress Meal and Oil came from a trademarked process by Insta-Pro International of Des Moines, Iowa. By combining High Shear Dry Extrusion with continuous mechanical pressing, natural oils are effectively separated from soybeans. Unlike conventional processing which uses hexane, this process is chemical-free.

“We like to say: If it was not in the soybean when it went in the plant, then it is not in the meal or oil when it is produced,” said Rhoda Crown, Chief Executive Officer of Coshocton Soy Processing.

ExPress Meal runs about 45 percent protein, 6  percent fiber and 5 percent moisture. In comparison, conventional meal contains about 12 percent moisture; therefore, per ton of soybean meal, ExPress meal adds 140 pounds of meal versus 140 pounds of water from conventional meal. The profit for local soybean farmers is greater due to more meal content.

ExPress Meal also contains about 7 percent oil while conventional meal contains less than 1 percent. This means that there is usually no need to add more fat to the animal’s diet. Also, this meal is more uniform since the fat is incorporated into it, so the diet is consistent to all animals eating from their feeder. The oil byproduct of Coshocton Soy Processing ExPress meal and oil is a clean oil that is less gunky than other lubricants. Their oil is sold mostly to feed mills, to biofuels markets and to sawmills to coat wood pellets.

In addition to more meal content being produced, the mechanical crushing results in high quality ExPress soybean meal with improved digestibility and energy for use in livestock feed. Coshocton Soy Processing ExPress Meal is sold to beef, swine and dairy facilities in Ohio and West Virginia. ExPress Meal has increased amino acid digestibility, higher dry matter, which equals more nutrients, and greater metabolizable energy. This results in a greater milk production in dairy cattle and faster weight gain in meat livestock.

“Feed our meal and you’ll see the results,” said Crown. “It is becoming more popular. There is more money to the soybean farmer than there was before we built the plant.”

Coshocton  Soy Processing works with soybean farmers from Coshocton County and its surrounding counties. Their tagline is “Grown locally. Processed locally. Fed locally.” They have bulk soybean meal for sale and soybean oil by the totes and tankers. Coshocton Soy Processing takes pride in always being available for their farmers.

“We are known to help people out because we are a small company,” said Crown. “Late pick up? We can make it work. We are excited about our new feed product and are hearing great results from the guys who have been feeding it.”

The Ohio Soybean Council  supports all grain processing practices and the markets for specialty beans. Coshocton Soy Processing ExPress Meal and Oil offers a new market to Ohio soybean farmers through its nutritional value to animal agriculture. To learn more about Coshocton Soy Processing and ExPress Meal and Oil visit

The Insta-Pro International dry extruders generate heat through friction to accomplish numerous processes including: cooking, expanding, sterilizing, stabilizing, dehydrating and texturing.