OCWGA and OSA Support Funding for Best Management Practices

April 10, 2019 Ohio Soybean Association

The Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Association (OCWGA) and Ohio Soybean Association today expressed support for Gov. Mike DeWine’s approach to improve water quality and protect the long-term sustainability of family farms in Ohio. The administration’s proposed H2Ohio initiative includes significant resources for the implementation of best management practices, such as cover crops, buffer strips, equipment, and precision technology that will help farmers keep nutrients in the soil where they belong.


“Farmers want to be part of the solution and are already taking action to curb runoff and protect the health of our waterways,” said Scott Metzger, OSA president and Ross County grain farmer. “This funding will help us accelerate the adoption of best management practices.”


This move also demonstrates Gov. DeWine’s commitment to bringing all stakeholders to the table and finding long-term, science-based solutions.


“We don’t have to choose between the health of Lake Erie and the viability of Ohio farms, we will achieve both if we work together,” said Jon Miller, OCWGA president and Fairfield County grain farmer. “I look forward to further work with the administration and learning more about the details of this plan as it moves through the legislative process.”