Ohio Soybean Association Looks for Cooperation and Bipartisanship as Farm Bill Moves to Conference

July 11, 2013 Ohio Soybean Association

WORTHINGTON, Ohio – With a vote of 216-208, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a version of the 2013 Farm Bill that excludes the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP). Ohio Soybean Association (OSA) President Jerry Bambauer, soybean farmer from Auglaize County, issued the following statement:

“After spending a day in Washington, D.C. yesterday and fighting for movement of the 2013 Farm Bill on behalf of Ohio farmers, OSA is pleased to see the farm bill make it to conference. However, we are extremely concerned about the ability to get a version of the bill from conference that will pass both the House and Senate.”

“OSA, along with the American Soybean Association and many other agricultural organizations, opposed the division of the farm provisions from SNAP.  We believe it could slow and possibly prevent passage of the bill.”

“OSA and ASA are also opposed to the replacement of permanent law by the legislation resulting from this process as it moves forward. Additionally, we will continue to oppose provisions still included in the bill that distort planting intentions due to target prices as these will become even more difficult to change if made permanent.”

“We have worked for almost three years now to make your voice heard and will continue to do so at this critical point. This is an unprecedented situation for the farm bill and more important than ever to keep your priorities in front of our legislators. We ask the House and Senate to craft a conference bill that will pass both chambers and be signed by the President as soon as possible.”

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