President’s Column: March/April 2020

March 1, 2020 Ohio Soybean Association

Farmers have been stepping up to the plate to address water quality concerns for many years. We have funded millions of dollars in research, we have changed the way we farm, and we have been at the table with legislators, researchers, and environmentalists to help chart a successful path forward for Lake Erie.

The Ohio Soybean Association and our fellow farm groups will continue telling that story, but we also know that actions will always speak louder than words. In February, eight meetings were held in the targeted 14 county area of the Maumee River Watershed to inform farmers about the newly created h2Ohio program. This program will provide support to farmers to implement new conservation practices to protect water quality, and over 1,500 farmers and agribusiness representatives attended the first three meetings alone. That is what momentum looks like and we know it will continue to grow.

In addition to learning about how to apply for the h2Ohio program, attendees heard from leaders of the Ohio Agricultural Conservation Initiative (OACI) about that group’s Farmer Certification program open to all farmers whether they participate in h2Ohio or not. OACI is an unprecedented coalition of agricultural, environmental, and university organizations.

Together we can make H2Ohio and OACI Farmer Certification successful and show our fellow Ohioans that farmers have been and will continue to do everything we can to protect Lake Erie and the future of agriculture in this state.


Ryan Rhoades
OSA President
Marion County