Warm Days Turn Cool

September 15, 2018 Ohio Soybean Association
Todd Hesterman, Ohio Soybean Association Chairman, Henry County soybean farmer

Fall is our most iconic season. It brings with it long harvest days and nights, along with a tremendous feeling of satisfaction when we see that final truck load leave the field. However, we all know some harvests are better than others and being in this business means occasionally weathering ups and downs out of our control.

Take for example the retaliatory tariffs China has in place on our number one export crop. When it became clear the tariff s would go into effect, the U.S. crop was already in the ground. While the Ohio Soybean Association (OSA) is grateful to the administration for its promise of $12 billion in aid to off set losses caused by the trade dispute, we will continue to advocate for free and open trade of agricultural goods to international markets.

With every challenge come new doors to open. Th ere are opportunities all over the world to increase our exports, as well as opportunities here at home to ensure our industry has a bright future.

Perhaps the greatest of these is the excitement and mobilization of our young leaders. On page 6 you will read about two young Ohio women who were chosen to travel to Washington, D.C., this summer and learn about the legislative process. We as agricultural organizations need to continue to nurture and guide these enthusiastic young people. We as farmers and leaders need to make ourselves available as mentors.

Working hard to leave something better than we found it for the next generation is what we do. I love it and I know you do, too.

Have a safe and happy harvest!