What’s New With Airable? – Centrifuge for Increased Efficiency

November 19, 2021 Ohio Soybean Council

This week in the lab, Airable received the OHAUS® FC5718R 120V centrifuge that had been ordered prior. A centrifuge is an instrument that uses centrifugal force to separate various components of a fluid. This is achieved by rotating at high speeds where fluids will separate by different densities, or liquids from solids. The intended use for the centrifuge is to further purify samples that the lab produces, separate unsaturated and saturated fatty acids, and to purify soy feedstock. A specific project this will be used for is the development of ionic liquids. The centrifuge will allow for higher batch sizes, making the process of producing ionic liquids more efficient. With higher batch sizes for all projects, work can be done at a faster rate, increasing the lab’s efficiency and ability to achieve better results, quicker. For more information about Airable and our mission for sustainability, check out our website: www.airableresearchlab.com.