What’s New With Airable? – High-melting Soy Wax

January 21, 2022 Ohio Soybean Council

The Airable team continues its quest to develop competitive products. The latest is a soy wax with a high melting point. Soy wax is typically made with hydrogenated soybean oil, which has a relatively low melting point, minimizing its use in commercial applications that require a hardier substance. For those, industry turns to carnauba, paraffin, and montan waxes. However, paraffin and montan waxes are derived from fossil fuels, and the carnauba palm tree grows only in Brazil (and harvesting and transporting the raw material has a history of environmental and social implications). So there is a market need for a sustainable and locally available wax source. Fortunately, the Airable product meets this need and performs well. The research team has already used the wax to develop and demonstrate several consumer products, including shoe polish and furniture paste wax.

Airable’s website provides more information about its high-melting soy wax and other developed technologies, all of which are available for licensing: https://www.airableresearchlab.com/showcase/available-technologies.