What’s New with Airable? – R&D 100 Awards

June 10, 2022 Ohio Soybean Council

Did you know that the Ohio Soybean Council has received a dozen R&D 100 Awards for soy-based products? That’s the legacy Airable sought to carry forward last week when Barry McGraw submitted applications for two of the lab’s most exciting innovations: a scale inhibitor and a high-melting wax. You’ve read about these achievements in these pages already, so here’s a quick summary. The scale inhibitor is a soy-based additive that prevents the buildup of calcium scale in water systems. The wax has a high melting point compared to standard soy waxes, making the product competitive with commercial waxes (e.g., paraffin). The R&D 100 Awards is a prestigious international awards program that recognizes the 100 most promising new products and processes introduced to the market in a given year.

Scale inhibitor
High-melting soy wax