What’s New With Airable? – Soy-based scale inhibitor

April 27, 2022 Ohio Soybean Council

Airable Research Lab has developed a soy-based scale-inhibiting additive that prevents the buildup of calcium scale in water systems. The lab has licensed this technology and filed for a provisional patent. Airable’s licensing partner supports the oil industry, which has a significant need for scale inhibitors.

When oil wells begin pumping, minerals in the reservoir water are precipitated and deposited in the system, creating “scale.” Over time, these deposits grow and harden, preventing fluid from flowing through pipelines, valves, pumps, and other machinery. The result is slowed production—and, if the buildup is left unaddressed, damaged equipment. Scale inhibitors are chemicals that prevent or slow the precipitation of scales. There are ongoing efforts to develop “greener” processes for inhibition, Airable responded to this industry need. The researchers began with a proof-of-principle project, modified the most promising formulation to match the partner’s preferred characteristics, and scaled up the final formulation. The result is a scale inhibitor with roughly 58% soy content and inhibition efficiency of 60%–80%—as well as an exciting new partnership!


Picture source: Wikipedia