What’s New with Airable? – Soy-based Wax Paste

April 1, 2022 Ohio Soybean Council

Airable Research Lab has synthesized a soy-based wax that can replace carnauba wax in formulations. Carnauba has useful properties that make it popular across multiple industries: a high melting point, UV ray protection, water resistance and extreme density. However, this material is sourced from the carnauba palm tree, which grows only in Brazil, presenting supply chain challenges (as well as a history of environmental and social implications within Brazil). Furthermore, the very density that makes the raw material attractive also necessitates that synthetic chemicals (usually petroleum-based) be added to form a wax paste that can be easily applied.

With these challenges in mind, the Airable team produced a bio-based, locally, and ethically sourced wax to replace carnauba wax. The Airable product is hard, durable, and water-repellant. It can be used for home DIY products and industrial applications. The left-hand photo shows a wood plank treated with the Airable paste wax and a commercial product; the right-hand photo shows two strips of leather treated with Airable paste wax (clear and black dyed polish) against a background of untreated leather (Below).