OSCF Science Fair

Soybean Science

Thanks to the Ohio Soybean Council Foundation (OSCF), the Ohio Academy of Science (OAS) Science Fair offers the Ohio Soybean Bioscience Award for the best projects using soybeans in the areas of agriculture biosciences, bioresources, biopolymers, bioproducts, biofuels, biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, and/or earth and environmental sciences.

We offer awards to the best science projects from the district competition and the State Science Day, held on the campus of The Ohio State University in Columbus.


State Science Day
Grades 5–12
Award: 1st place: $1,000, 2nd place: $500, 3rd place: $250
Team award: $1000 to be split among team members

District Science Day
Grades 5–12
Award: up to three $100 awards in each of the 17 districts

2022 State Science Day Award Winners

Team Prize:

Jad Hinch & Hala Hinch | Grade 8 | Toledo Islamic Academy, Sylvania, Ohio
Title: Soybean Irrigation: Getting to the Root of the Problem

Individual Awards:

1st Place: Isabella Doss | Grade 6 | Holy Family School, Stow, Ohio
Title: The Effects of Soil Based Probiotics on Soybean Growth

2nd Place: Sydney Ramsey | Grade 10 | Carroll High School, Dayton, Ohio
Title: Do Magicicada Act as an Effective Fertilizer for Glycine-max Plants?

3rd place: Allison Heil | Grade 7 | The Ohio Academy of Science, Westerville, Ohio
Title: How the Soil Type Affects Growth