DeWALT Launches Biobased Chainsaw Oil

July 7, 2022 Ohio Soybean Council

Those familiar with the soybean checkoff have heard it said over and over — soy is in almost everything. Now DEWALT has introduced a line of biobased Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil made from… you guessed it, soybean oil.

New DEWALT Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil is a high-performance biobased formulation that is compatible with all gas and battery-operated saws. As chainsaw oil is a 100 percent loss application, meaning 100 percent of the oil ends up in the environment, which includes soil, groundwater and emissions dissipating into the air, it’s important to use a biodegradable product to help reduce environmental pollution. This All-Seasons -15°F biobased chainsaw oil has a higher viscosity index than any petroleum chainsaw oil and is a USDA Certified Biobased Product. Tested on thousands of cuts with temperatures measured on the bar, motor and electronics, this oil is designed to help maximize bar and chain life while being safer for the planet.

“We have a strong and growing green presence in the outdoor market, and we are committed to finding solutions that are more environmentally friendly, while meeting our customers’ needs,” said Marty Guay, Vice President of Business Development for Stanley.

Sustainability is top of mind for those providing goods and services in today’s global economy, and Dan Fitzgerald, director of product sustainability, Stanley Black & Decker, knows that better than most. “This product offers sustainability without compromise,” said Fitzgerald. “About 20 million gallons of bar and chain oil are discharged into the environment every year. Without a way to capture and recycle bar and chain oil that is released into the atmosphere — also known as a 100 percent loss application — creating a formula from renewable, sustainable plant oil that is biodegradable is an environmentally responsible solution that DEWALT is proud to offer its customers.”

And these guys know about tools. Stanley Black & Decker is the world’s largest tool manufacturer. In December 2021, they completed their acquisitions of MTD holdings and Excel Industries, creating a global leader in outdoor power equipment. Along with DEWALT, the company also owns iconic brands including CRAFTSMAN, MAC TOOLS and BLACK+DECKER.

“We are in the process of updating our owner’s manuals for all of our chainsaw brands,” Fitzgerald said. “We want to specifically recommend this product for use in all of our chainsaws, which will bring the consumables more in line with our values.”

The soy oil used is sourced from Owensboro Grain (OG) in Kentucky and manufactured in Ohio. “The Ohio Soybean Council and Airable Research Lab offered generous support and collaboration in getting this product to market,” said Scott Porter, CEO and Co-Founder of Dynamic Green Products, Inc., which developed this ground-breaking product.

Every bottle of DEWALT Chainsaw Oil is stamped with OSC’s logo and states DEWALT’s support of the American soybean farmer.

While this is not the first biobased bar and chain oil to reach the marketplace, it’s the first one to tout the benefits of soy oil, and the ONLY bar and chain oil that is Certified Ultimate  biodegradable and independently tested by a leading university for performance. It is rigorously tested, and the price point is commensurate with synthetic bar and chain oils on the market. Fitzgerald said their unofficial motto is “sustainability without compromise.”

The new product can be found in Bomgaars Supply stores in the Midwest, High Plains and Rockies regions, and is currently available through,, MAC TOOLS, ACME Tools and a few other outlets.

Also, available for purchase at