Ohio Soybean Council Launches Airable Research Lab

September 17, 2019 Ohio Soybean Council

For over twenty years, the Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) and soybean checkoff have been leaders in developing and commercializing new soy-based products that increase the demand for soy. Taking this work to the next level, OSC has launched Airable Research Lab, a new business model and brand that will capitalize on current research and find new opportunities to expand the use of soy in household and commercial products.

“The Ohio Soybean Council has been investing in the development of new products made from soybeans for decades and we’ve had tremendous success,” said Steve Reinhard, OSC chairman and Crawford County soybean farmer. “We hold multiple patents on products we’ve developed with partners and received multiple awards. But the most important part of this work is the value and return on investment we’re bringing back to Ohio soybean farmers.”

OSC has a long and successful history of working directly with partners in the research, university, non-profit, and commercial industries to upgrade products and create new ones. Many of these products have won numerous national and international accolades, including ten R&D 100 Awards, the most prestigious research and development award in the world.

Airable Research Lab will increase OSC’s reach and ability to market their services to potential partners. Through every commercial development stage, the lab’s chemists and inventors will work hand in hand with clients to develop solutions tailored to their needs.

“For our current partners, they will still receive the same attention to detail and creative thinking they have come to expect from us,” said Barry McGraw, OSC Director of Product Research and Airable Research Lab CEO. “Companies all over the world, large and small, are hungry for green technology that is easy to adopt – we can provide them that. Soybean farmers are looking for new markets – we can create them.”

For more information about Airable Research Lab and examples of current research projects, visit www.airableresearchlab.com.

To learn more about the Ohio Soybean Council and the soybean checkoff, visit www.soyohio.org/herewegrow.