What’s New With Airable? – Soy-based Compostable Polyol

February 25, 2022 Ohio Soybean Council

This week in the lab, R&D Chemist Ethan Springer has been working on synthesizing a soy-based compostable polyol. Polyols are used to produce polyurethanes and polyesters, which have a multitude of different uses: coatings and cushions, foams and furniture, belts and bedding…even electrical components! The global market for polyols is already enormous and is expected to reach $34 billion by 2024. However, conventional polyols (synthesized from petrochemical sources) have environmental impacts. As a result, there is a long history of research into sustainable alternatives, with few performing as well as the incumbents. Enter Airable! A high-performing soy-based polyol could become a contender, and cornering even a sliver of the vast polyol market would be a huge win—for Airable, for soybean farmers, and for the planet.