Critical Infrastructure

Soybeans on the move

The Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) is pursuing new opportunities for moving soybeans more efficiently and cost-effectively to domestic and international destinations.

With a unique combination of high-quality soybeans and world-class logistics infrastructure, Ohio is positioned to capitalize on these opportunities. To accomplish this goal, OSC is focused on involving the entire Ohio soybean industry, building new partnerships and providing timely and relevant information regarding transportation opportunities to Ohio’s soybean farmers and other stakeholders.

On-Farm Infrastructure

OSC is constantly on the lookout for opportunities and threats facing farmers in their on-farm infrastructure. We are looking at farms from a manufacturing perspective to discover what farmers need to continue to be successful. Roughly 15% of agricultural production costs are energy-related. Effective and efficient on-farm energy infrastructure is critical to a farm’s success.

For more information on OSC’s support of on-farm infrastructure, please contact Barry McGraw at

Precision Ag Reviews

OSC developed Precision Ag Reviews (PAR), an online tool to help farmers make informed decisions about buying precision ag equipment. PAR offers farmers a chance to review precision ag equipment, making the reviews by farmers, for farmers.