January 21, 2022

The Airable team continues its quest to develop competitive products. The latest is a soy wax with a high melting point. Soy wax is typically made with hydrogenated soybean oil, which has a relatively low melting point, minimizing its use in commercial applications that require a hardier substance. For those, industry turns to carnauba, paraffin, and montan waxes. However, paraffin and montan waxes are derived from fossil fuels, and the carnauba palm tree grows only… Read More

January 17, 2022

The Airable folks have got themselves a new gizmo! This auto titrator, manufactured by Hanna Instruments, makes titration swift and accurate. Titration is a common laboratory method of analysis, which the Airable team uses to test new soy formulations. Results provide a range of information, from concentration to pH to conductivity. Titration is also used to determine how quickly solutions are reacting and where they are in the reaction process. (Is it soup yet?) In… Read More

January 14, 2022

Biodiesel is America’s first domestically produced, commercially available Advanced Biofuel and meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements for inclusion and use under both the Advanced Biofuel and Biomass-Based Diesel categories of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS-2). U.S. biodiesel reduces lifecycle carbon emissions on average 80% compared to petrodiesel, making it the best carbon reduction tool of any liquid fuel commercially available. Biodiesel has the highest energy balance of any commercially available U.S. fuel. Biodiesel is… Read More

January 14, 2022

The Ohio Soybean Council Board of Trustees elected a new executive team at their annual meeting in November. The newly elected Chairman Jeff Magyar of Ashtabula County will be working with newly elected Vice Chairman Bill Bayliss of Logan County, Treasurer Cindy Layman of Hardin County and Secretary Nathan Eckel of Wood County. “We have a strong team of leaders on the Ohio  Soybean Council Board of Trustees for 2022,” Magyar said. “I am honored… Read More

January 14, 2022

The Ohio Soybean Association has been a long-time advocate for biodiesel, diesel fuel made with a combination of soybean oil, recycled cooking oil and animal fats. In 2005, soybean oil use for biodiesel was just 675,000 pounds. Biodiesel consumption in 2017 required 6.2 billon pounds of soybean oil or the oil from 532 million bushels of soybeans. As we look to the future of biodiesel and the expansion of the renewable diesel market, we decided… Read More